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The pan African Robotics Competition

9jaRoboCon brings together the finest minds around the continent to display creativity and innovation in solving societal challenges.

The mission of 9jaRoboCon is to help more young people with all the opportunity to develop and showcase their creativity and problem solving skills in a fun and engaging way – leading to competitive STEM solutions to boost the economic prosperity of Africa.

9jaRoboCon™ is an independent non-profit organization. All revenue from sponsorships and fees is invested in support of our mission, which is to promote robotics and STEM education across Africa. At 9jaRoboCon, more young people (age 8 – 25 years) explore their minds towards identifying a prevailing problem in Africa and designing superior STEM solutions to such a problem every year.

Virtual Playoffs

...The robot Champions League

Quarterly Robotics Tournament.

Participants are given the mission at the beginning of the tournament. They are allowed a time range of 720 hours to compete the task and keep making entries of their best programs with LIVE scores. The participant with the highest point stays on top of the league table, and wins the league.

The Pan African Robot Contest

Season April 2022 Highlights

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